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Helping our clients quickly establish a cost effective and low risk presence in China!  

●JiaRui can help you to build a successful presence in China 

JiaRui can help you to develop a deep understanding of Chinese cultural business differences and overcome language barriers. 

●Using JiaRui's local company infrastructure you can very quickly establish an extremely cost effective China office and your own dedicated China team - Very popular with existing clients 

 JiaRui can source products and identify the best suppliers in China including: factory evaluation and auditing visits, contract negotiation, trouble shooting, quality and relationship management.

JiaRui provides market entry feasibility studies, including identifying possible partners and working with local government to identify the best locations for market entry investments.

JiaRui offers you regular, clear, precise and timely feedback in your own language.

JiaRui's resource is an integral part of your team in China with local people dedicated to achieving your objectives.

●JiaRui will help you create sustainable competitive advantage in China by leveraging the right opportunities and avoiding costly mistakes. This includes sourcing, promotion, product positioning, marketing strategy, project management, partner relationships and real time support. 

By choosing JiaRui as your support partner you can achieve a sustainable and successful presence in the world's fastest growing and soon to be largest economy!