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         JiaRui is an International Business Advisory Firm with special expertise in China

                                                       "Bridging the cultural gap" 

As the global market undergoes a quantum shift, small, medium and multinational western companies are focusing on Asia and increasingly on China. The Chinese market has rapidly become one of the most exciting, fastest growing and largest in the world, offering big rewards for companies with the right strategy.

JiaRui’s mission is to ensure that its clients our successful by providing, cost effective, local support and advice and eliminating the uncertainty arising from cultural business differences and “lost in translation” communication issues!

If you want to create a successful presence in China, JiaRui has the expertise, knowledge and local resource to help you develop the right strategy and achieve your goal! 

Based in Shanghai JiaRui was conceived and is passionately managed by Gary Alecock a UK national and his fellow Director and Chinese national Wang Ying.

Gary Alecock - JiaRui’s CEO has lived and worked in Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. Gary first visited China in 1992 and as a result of 20 years experience in the region has developed a genuine understanding of local business culture and in the process successfully completed several significant business projects. In the early nineties he pioneered his Swiss multinational employer’s entry into, China's plastics colour concentrate market, at the same time persuading them to invest and in 1995 open their first manufacturing facility in Shanghai. This proved to be an excellent decision as the company is now a market leader in China with several nationwide facilities and a solid presence. 

In order to develop his existing language ability, during 2010, Gary studied full time at Shanghai’s East China University giving him an even deeper understanding of Chinese business culture and language and raising his Chinese communication skills to a very high level.

With valuable experience in both multinational and privately owned business he has an excellent grasp of commercial realities and a pragmatic understanding of business success at an International level. Gary strongly believes in a “hands on approach” and in 2012 personally visited over 40 factories in China, on behalf of and together with clients. 

Wang Ying - developed her career in Finance and has an MBA from "Shanghai Fudan University’s School of Economics" where she specialized in financial planning and analysis. She has several Directorships and in-depth experience of both multinational and private company accounting practices.

During her successful career she has developed significant East / West merger and acquisition experience, affording her a deep understanding of local Chinese legislation and taxation issues, in addition to the intricacies of Chinese negotiation, cultural business differences and the importance of strong relationships “Guanxi”. She is extremely calm under pressure and an excellent negotiation facilitator.

The JiaRui Group’s leadership team has a unique blend of Eastern and Western expertise, cultural empathy and business acumen which means it can deliver on its mission!

Investing in JiaRui’s support is simply cost effective especially when weighed against going it alone! Creating a presence in China can be complex, costly and a massive learning curve requiring multiple visits to China by a senior company executive. One trip alone could easily cost £5,000 GBP not including the cost of the executive’s time. Even the most outstanding business person, without previous China experience, will barely scratch the surface on a first visit.

JiaRui can help you to build a successful presence in China!