About us
As the global market undergoes a quantum shift, small, medium and multinational western companies are focusing on Asia and increasingly on China. The Chinese market has rapidly become one of the most exciting, fastest growing and largest in the world and therefore offers enormous rewards for companies adopting the correct strategy.
JiaRui’s mission is to en...
JiaRui’s team can help your business build a successful presence in China
JiaRui’s leadership team is a blend of Western and Chinese management that has a deep understanding of cultural differences and language issues.
JiaRui's existing customers and partners have Chinese presence under JiaRui’s umbrella at a fraction of the cost of establishing an independent representative office.
Core markets
● China Plastics Processing Industry
● Specialty Flame Retardant additives
● Plastics compounding and extrusion equipment
● Antimicrobial additives
● Compounding and Masterbatch Industry
● Packaging
● Waste Water Treatment
● Luxury Leather goods (Manufacturing and Retail)
● Organic Pigments
● Merger and Acquisition